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California Love – Founded in sunny Los Angeles California, Oz+Õtz is a lifestyle apparel brand about celebrating the natty, confident, sensuous woman. The garments embody femininity with body-conscious silhouettes and minimalist ready-to-go pieces. The unique blend and juxtaposition of fabrics & patterns create a hint of unforgettable sass. We are family-owned, operated, and manufacture all garments in the USA. With an increasing demand to ship our styles all over the US and Canada, Oz+Õtz is evolving with our shoppers and strive to stay style-relevant for the ready-set-go woman. Our goal is to inspire women and offer unique designs they love and won’t find anywhere else.

Our Designs

Purpose and Wit – Our designs are one of a kind and echo the silhouette, personality, and voice of today’s modern women and her lifestyle. Each design has it’s own personality and is limited in production so you won’t see your silhouette walking about. Our signature ensemble — a fitted graphic tee and pencil skirt whether paired with a blazer, sneakers, or pumps takes her from work to play with no delay. Our graphic messages are witty, tasteful, and always have a back-story ;-). We are erasing the traditional “Small, Medium, Large, and X” size labels and swapping them for aspirational tags such as Just Enough, A Hand-Full, Something 2 Hold, and Much 2 Love. Every piece from our collection is made from the highest quality fabrics and are machine washable. The Oz+Õtz woman is on the go and needs to look great along the way when out and about. Our easy to wear garments will help her accomplish this without compromising the SEXY!

Pretty 4 Good – Challenging women to accept their Pretty, be Fearless in your beauty. Use it for GOOD! We are committed to giving forward through our Pretty 4 Good initiative. By using Pretty 4 Good women can stand together with us in support of select charitable causes while inspiring others.

Our exclusive “I Accept the Pretty Girl Challenge” has purpose beyond the tee as each charitable giving opportunity will be customized and integrated into the design. We currently support Eric’s Vision/ Ericsvision.org to help find a cure for ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) – Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Our exclusive “i pinky swear”, “stay abreast” tees, and “Ola” skirt was passionately designed in honor of grandma ,Ola Lambeth. We currently support Breast Cancer Angels/ breastcancerangels.org

A donation per each Pretty4Good item purchased will be gifted to it’s designated charity. Stay tuned for additional Oz+Õtz charitable partnerships. Hint: We love animals and causes that inspire women and children.

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Power of Pretty

The Witty Authentic You, when Pretty & Power meets she POPS! Her attitude proceeds pretty – it radiates from within as she

enters and leaves about.

Pretty Girl Challenge

Challenging women to accept their Pretty, be Fearless in your beauty. Use it for GOOD.

Serving π

Every 3.14159265359 seconds of her life. She cannot be expressed as common, it never ends and she never settles. Strive throughout life serving awesomeness at its finest.

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